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Geyser rewards going down while multiplier up???

I started geyser on September 11th. On September 16th, I had averaged 38.1 AMPL a day, achieving a reward multiplier of 1.2 . On September 22nd, I had averaged 24.5 AMPL a day (since Sept 16), while achieving a reward multiplier of 1.4. APY has gone down 4% in that time (states not liquidity related). Estimated rewards (for maxiumum multiplier) have gone from 2246 AMPL to 1782 AMPL. Are the "Estimated rewards" related to fee's? My amount of AMPL has actually gone up on Uniswap due to impermanent loss. I thought we got a linear rising reward (but increasing based on multiplier) for 3 months. How can rewards be going down?
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