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Very new to AMPL but it seems like a great investment opportunity. Obligatory, this is not financial advise and I am not a financial advisor. Trade at your own risk and do not be fooled, there are considerable risks to buying/trading these types of assets. I've been collecting data for a while and for the past **24 days**, there as been **21 days of positive returns**. The way I am calculating this is based off of the rebase supply delta + average daily coin price delta. For example, the daily rebase gave 10% increase in coins but the price dipped 8%, that is a net delta of 2%. Let me know if I am doing this wrong. I've taken the delta in market cap into consideration as well but in the end, I think that was wrong. I've tried doing (rebase delta + avg coin price delta - market cap delta) BUT based on how many coins I've seen increase in my account each day, this seems wrong. I've confirmed these number are correct on KuCoin. No affiliation, just been around for a while and kucoin was the place for alts back in the day and I personally like the exchange AND they have the best volume (ref coinmarketcap). Anyways.... Buying and holding from Jun 24 to now would have netted 375% return. This is amazing in any market. In that time period the price moved from a high of 4.04 to a low of 1.61 and still and as of today, you would have profited 375.94% on your initial investment from just holding. That is insane. Since, I am being selective with that date range, I want to show what the negative side looks like. From June 7 - June 25 the p/l was -1.47%. \~50% of those days were below $1. If you go back further, there are definitely periods where you could have lost a LOT but given the volume and attention this coin is getting, it is going to be hard (maybe) for the bulls to not "buy the dips". Again, cherry picking data so do you own research but, the last three days had the following p/l delta: 7/18: 15.28% 7/17: 33.29% 7/16: 32.12% Weekly BTC dominance is looking...
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