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Ampleforth is the God-currency

Many hopeful investors lacking information about the nature of Ampleforth become disheartened by the simplified explanation that it rewards them further if the price is high and punishes them if the price is low. The truth is far more complex. Ampleforth becomes very interesting especially \*BECAUSE\* there is an "event" during which speculators can perceive a price that is either lower or higher than the qualified amount to yield some percent change. The outcome of this daily rebasing event is entirely determined by the public. Since the price at the equilibrium of $1 USD (2019) serves a stable utility, there is no real reason for the price to fluctuate in theory. The price would be kept stable due to this network equilibrium by manner of information symmetry (much like Indra's net - yes, Ampleforth is supported by quantum entanglement theory in a way). Practically speaking, those with all player information will not exhibit disruptive behavior to create arbitrage opportunities. Only those with asymmetric information will end up fueling such arbitrage opportunities. This is the perfect future base currency in a world where everyone has perfect information, just as people have for fiat. Hence, the journey isn't about what the price of the currency is - it's about people understanding what Ampleforth is actually becoming. Currently, the market is filled with short-term focused investors who are missing the jaw-dropping truth of this currency and dialogue mainly centers around the cycle of greed we erroneously deflect to traditional trading behavior. Here's what's happening: the network is rewarded in the short-term when ignorant new players arrive, but it is punished when the ignorant existing players want to collect the reward of new ignorance by selling their ampl. Hence, why people yell out "ponzi scheme!" Such accusations are made by ignorant existing players who did not realize that Ampleforth was not meant to make you 10x in your definition of a tolerable time...
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