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AMPL · 18w

Ampl is non diluted supply coin not non diluted percentage ownership coin

That should be clear you can increase your percentage ownership if you buy more ampl if you sell it you will lose your percentage ownership assuming there is no other transaction And even if you hodl you still can lose your percentage ownership assuming new whale try to buy all of the coins this will dilute your percentage ownership by a half so keep buying don't hodl at all Even if you buy 0,02% of the coin supply if other whale buy 3%, your percentage ownership will still be diluted so not only you need to buy you also need to buy a lot of it which means you will dilute others not vica verca The rebase don't dilute it's the buying and selling that dilutes Update 1 I am wrong I am sorry for the misunderstanding your percentage ownership won't get diluted unless you dilute it by selling the coins, other transactions won't affect you at all So this coin have both non diluted supply and non diluted percentage ownership features
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