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A better strategy for eth/ampl (better than all the others in a bull run scenario)

If you believe that both eth and ample will go up, the best strategy is not hodling. The best strategy is not geyser. There is a MUCH better strategy. 1. Swap your stack to ethereum. 2. Go to compound, and deposit your entire eth stack. 3. Max out your safe loan balance on compound, and borrow DAI against your eth. 4. Go back to uniswap and sell DAI for ampleforth. 5. Hodl your amples. 6. Profit. This strategy is 2x as good as the other strategies in the event both eth and ample go up. If either one goes down, you will get wrecked. Play it safe, and limit your risk using options on [](
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Whale Wallet Analysis - Ampleforth Update 6 Months Later

Ampleforth was the first Whale Wallet Analysis that I conducted of my entire series. Since then, the series has flourished as I have conducted additional Whale Wallet Analysis for AMPL, SNX, BASED, LI...