Why is DESK by Coindesk with the help of Flexa a big deal?

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Check out how Flexa markets themselves here. [https://loyalty360.org/companies/flexa](https://loyalty360.org/companies/flexa) [https://loyalty360.org/loyalty-today/article/flexa-introduces-flexa-payments-for-accepting-inst](https://loyalty360.org/loyalty-today/article/flexa-introduces-flexa-payments-for-accepting-inst) Looking to enable **"Pay with Points"** directly from within your **loyalty program's mobile app or wallet directly at a merchant POS?**  Or maybe you're looking to accept digital currency as a new payment type at your stores or online?  Let us introduce you to Flexa. Flexa offers the fastest, most fraud-proof payments... Tyler is no stranger to marketing intelligence and loyalty / rewards (2013 interview)>>> "Went to MIT to solely start a business" - dove right into ecommerce. At 12:30 [https://www.tastytrade.com/shows/bootstrapping-in-america/episodes/tyler-spalding-of-style-seek-com-03-01-2013](https://www.tastytrade.com/shows/bootstrapping-in-america/episodes/tyler-spalding-of-style-seek-com-03-01-2013) he starts getting into the nuts and bolts of what he did with Styleseek (tastebud), which is ultimately why he got bought by Raise. Hmmm...the DESK sounds a little like tastbud [https://www.chicagotribune.com/business/blue-sky/ct-raise-marketplace-buys-tastebud-technologies-bsi-20150820-story.html](https://www.chicagotribune.com/business/blue-sky/ct-raise-marketplace-buys-tastebud-technologies-bsi-20150820-story.html) Raise, a Chicago-based gift card marketplace, on Thursday said it had acquired Tastebud Technologies, a local startup specializing in predictive analytics for retailers and malls. Raise Marketplace CEO [George Bousis ⇒](http://chicago.blueskyinnovation.com/vault/network/bousis-george/) said he's buying Tastebud's engineering talent as much as its software platform and customer base. [Tastebud CEO Tyler Spalding](http://www.chicagotribune.com/bluesky/originals/ct-techweek-chicago-conference-bsi-20150626-story.html) will be chief strategy officer at Raise. T**astebud, meanwhile, uses quizzes, games and other interactive elements to assess mobile users' shopping preferences**, according to a statement announcing the deal. Those **shoppers then receive curated product offerings in the form of push notifications and text messages, based on their location...** quickly shifted to a business-to-business model, focusing on building white label software offerings to retailers and shopping malls. "Tastebud has years of great experience working with malls and retailers to understand consumer shopping patterns and brand affinity, and we believe there is an opportunity to leverage their technology and learn from their knowledge to enhance Raise user experience." Didn't Tyler talk about **injecting with either Charlie Schrem or Paul Barron?** Some DESK nuggets>>> 1. CoinDesk intends to expand DESK as an **engagement rewards program** for our broader audience, including future event attendees, readers of our flagship news service and research reports, newsletter subscribers, TV viewers and podcast listeners 2. Truth be told, a blockchain isn't 100% necessary for the current stage of DESK, but we're laying the **foundation for the ecosystem to grow** 3. It is a **reward token, analogous to airline frequent-flier miles, hotel guest points and the like** 4. Part of the **value** DESK provides **is what CoinDesk injects** into the ecosystem when we want to reward our users for engaging at a deeper level. This means being able to use your DESK **to redeem food and drinks at establishments** that CoinDesk **partners** with on the ground. **Amp is more than we think it is....HOLD on FOR the FUCKING RIDE.** **Here's some of Tyler's Patents>>> Our guy is no joke** * Automated Cryptographic Brand LicensingAutomated Cryptographic Brand LicensingUS 4433624US 4433624 * **Brand Driven Offers Based on Blockchain Exchange Item Redemption Usage** US 14433624US 14433624 * Centralized Blockchain Transaction **Marketplace Payments** US 14433624US 14433624 * Computer-Implemented Application for **Brick and Mortar Flash Sales** US 14433012US 14433012 * Computer-Implemented Method and System for **Recommendation System** Input Management US 14433624US 14433624 * Cryptocurrency Verification System US 2333056US 2333056 * Distributed Autonomous Exchange US 4433624US 4433624 * Enhanced Exchange Item **Redemption** Risk Analysis US 14433624US 14433624 * Method and System for **Personalized Recommendations** US 13646190US 13646190 * Prioritization of a Wallet Hierarchy When Redeeming an Exchange Item US 4433624US 4433624 * Private Consortium Miner Approach for a Blockchain Transaction System US 4433688US 4433688 * Programmable Plurality of **Promotions** Exchange Item US 9233607US 9233607 * Redistributing an Exchange Item to a Plurality of Computing Devices US 14433624US 14433624 * Selective Blockchain Transaction Participant Identification US 14433624US 14433624 * Smart Contract Based Arbitration and Escrow 14433624US 14433624 * Smart Contract System for Generation of New Blockchain Private Keys US 14433624US 14433624 * Smart Contract Within a Blockchain Transaction System US 44330033US 44330033 * Smart Oracle to Provide Variable Data Within a Blockchain System US 44330034US 44330034 * Spot Creation of a **Branded** Exchange Item US 4739324US 4739324 * **Third-Party Branded** Exchange Item Utilization US 4433036