For those of you who still claim Strike is the payment rail... did you actually watch the video?

self.AMPToken1m ago
**This will be my last post on this cause it's so obvious it's Flexa that it's kinda funny that my original post was downvoted so much.** []( Okay, to start off are we not going to acknowledge the **$1,000 ipad** on its own separate stand. **I mean if that wasn't a dead give away then him saying "I can use any lighting wallet I want" showing a list of different lightning apps to pick from including strike.** I mean come on guys, the fact that this got any amount of coverage for being its own individual payment rail is insane. **Here's a post about Flexa** "In adding support for Lightning payments, Flexa is enabling merchants to receive payments from more Bitcoin holders than ever before, including users of popular and soon-to-be-released Lightning-enabled wallet apps such as BlueWallet, Breez, Eclair, Strike, and Chivo." []( I mean watching the video it's extremely obvious he's taking advantage of the fact that not many people may know about Flexa yet and not many people will actually watch that video and analyze it (which no one did). They don't even redo the video so the lady can actually scan the first 2 items lol. But I guess the 3rd "fake scan" was good enough. She scanned his phone (which was most likely a QR code he took a screen shot of in his photos app) THEN that QR code programing is SO good that he had to change apps and open up his Muun wallet to then select send. **This is why we research things.** **- WAGMI**