Flexa and Amp token referenced in official EU Commission report on finance and markets

self.AMPToken1m ago
Great find by u/Departure_Born, Flexa as well as Amp token have been significantly [referenced](https://ec.europa.eu/info/sites/default/files/european-financial-stability-and-integration-review-2022_en.pdf) under a section on “DeFi payments” (page 52) in the European Commission’s (executive branch of the European Union) [annual report](https://mobile.twitter.com/EU_Finance/status/1511633658859462658) on financial stability and integration. Flexa and Amp token are nearly exclusively detailed within the “payments” subsection of the report’s chapter on “DeFi.” >Obviously, any crypto asset can theoretically be used for payments. However, DeFi is putting in place globally decentralised instant payment networks, such as Flexa. Any user can spend a variety of crypto assets in stores and online, including conversion, at zero cost. Such flexibility is made possible through partnerships with leading crypto asset exchanges across the globe. Core to the Flexa network is collateral in the form of a crypto asset- the AMP token, which secures all payments in real-time until the underlying transactions are confirmed and settled on the blockchain. Anyone can provide AMP collateral and, in return, earn a reward in the form of a processing fee that Flexa charges to merchants. Other DeFi applications, such as Sablier, enable real-time payments (‘money streaming’) that can be used in various ways. The report furthermore includes a direct link citation to https://flexa.network. This is a significant development.