CoinDesk is relaunching DESK into the wild, with the help of partners Coinvise, Flexa, and NFTify.

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[]( DESK Is Back: CoinDesk Relaunches Social Token Into the Wild (With the help of Flexa) CoinDesk is fully launching its social token, DESK, and making it an integral part of the experience at [Consensus 2022](, our first in-person event since before the coronavirus pandemic. Attendees of the June 9-12 festival in Austin, Texas, will be able to earn DESK by doing such things as picking up their badges at registration, visiting exhibitor booths or joining CoinDesk’s rebooted [Discord server]( The token will be redeemable at the event for merchandise (e.g., T-shirts or hoodies), food or beverages from Austin vendors that have partnered with us, non-fungible tokens ([NFTs]( and other rewards. After Consensus 2022, CoinDesk intends to expand DESK as an engagement rewards program for our broader audience, including future event attendees, readers of our flagship news service and research reports, newsletter subscribers, TV viewers and podcast listeners. In coming weeks, CoinDesk will publish more information about DESK, including an FAQ explaining how to earn and redeem the token and the full backstory of how and why it was created.