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Yieldly lottery review

The website is horrible looking. Hurts my eyes as much as the flamingo casino in Vegas - but it works. I was skeptical and afraid of putting my algo in but now that I just received my yieldly tokens I'm glad I did this. Comes out to about .8 yieldy for every algo it looks like. That in itself is a great incentive because this platform has a lot of potential. You can then stake your yieldly to make yieldly on top of that. If you think algo is going places, it's going to drag yieldly with it and with that I believe you have nothing to lose by staking on the yieldly lottery. For me I lost about 14 algo a week - it's a gamble yeah but I just had 16815 yieldly plopped into my wallet for the week. If it goes up to 20 cents a token it's already amazing. I tested how quickly the deposits and withdrawals are. About 20 seconds or so. If you have cold feet try a little and leave it there for a week and see for yourself.
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