Yieldly AMA Recap

yieldly.medium.com4m ago
QUESTION 12 Given that the Humble DEX, ALGOFI, and surely others will/are also offering LP staking pools, do you think this is a strong enough additional use case for Yieldly?

Yes, our multi-audited next generation LP staking pools have a very strong use case for Yieldly. Our pools are what make Yieldly home to the highest DeFi rewards on Algorand. The numbers speak for themselves.

To date, Yieldly has rewarded our beloved users with:

USD$13,010,911 across Yieldly pools 774,134 ALGO in weekly winnings for No-Loss Prize Games 190+ NFTs given out via 75 NFT draws ($7M average staked per draw) — building up massive exposure for nft community ~16M per week at the current point in YLDY pool curve

On top of those rewards, we’ve also proven our value to other ASA partner pools. For example:

AKITA LP pool on Yieldly led to 16X & 4th largest Algorand pool ~24 hrs, and grew to be the 2nd highest non-stable coin pair in couple of days. Choice Coin staking pool led to 45X increase Smile Coin staking pool led to 2X in 2 hrs and 8M vol. in 4 hrs

Yieldly existed for 5 months without any peers around us — we truly were the first in creating value. And we continue to prove our value to the ecosystem time and time again.