Will the 2nd Governance Period have a higher reward pool?

self.AlgorandOfficial8m ago
Governance Period 1 has a total of **60M** Algos as a reward pool that will be proportionally distributed among the eligible governors' commitments. Source: [https://governance.algorand.foundation/governance-period-1](https://governance.algorand.foundation/governance-period-1) I decided to see if the second period was live on the site. I don't remember reading an increase in rewards, but it appears for the 2^(nd) period there will be an Algo reward pool of **70.5M**. Source: [https://governance.algorand.foundation/governance-period-2](https://governance.algorand.foundation/governance-period-2) I'm assuming this increase was expected, can anyone share where I can read more about the reward distributions? Will the pool continue to grow for all future governance periods in anticipation of a growing number of governors? Also, I have been so impressed with all the latest Defi developments, happy to be a part of this community!