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When talking about ALGO, does anyone else use the caret?

Greetings again folks... I really cannot get enough of this community and the level of civil discussion and the amount of collective knowledge being shared. So, I thought I would pose a question to start a little debate for fun... Backstory...I was writing an email today discussing Algorand and pricing items in ALGO...when all of the sudden I got tired of writing ALGO or algo after each amount. I am personally so accustomed to using the $ instead of USD that it occurred to me that there must be an easier way to notate ALGO values. Then, out of sheer frustration and a quick keyboard scan I began to use the lovely caret to distinguish my ALGO values from my USD values...which looked like this: \^12.50 to represent 12.50 ALGO. See how the caret (\^) kinda looks ever so slightly like the Algorand logo? Of course this would never work in a spreadsheet or in a fancy Algorand based application website, but if it catches on we could be able to price things in places with nothing more than a simple text editor and fewer characters. I could say to you all, "hey I just sold my first ASA NFT for \^1800.00!" and you folks would be like "Wow that is great, now move over to r/Algorand buddy". Who knows maybe it will catch on...remember @ and # were not always used as they are today... Let the civil discourse commence....
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