Venue One closes $3.4M Financing (Testnet in February)

venueone.medium.com4m ago

“We are excited to join Venue.One as the lead investor in both the seed and private rounds. Traditional predictions platforms are running on legacy technology and they are ready to be disrupted; blockchain can bring transparency to prediction markets and can democratize the access for everyone to monetize their views and expertise; Algorand is just the perfect core layer to build this on top of.”

- David Garcia, CEO and Managing Partner of Borderless Capital

“Venue One is uniquely positioned to revolutionize the prediction markets space by not only harnessing the power of Algorand blockchain with its instant finality and extremely low transaction cost but also by addressing many key issues that limit the current market leaders. We are excited to become an early backer of Venue One and together we are poised to bring adoption from the traditional gaming space to converge on Venue One’s decentralized digital prediction protocol.”

- Jenny Yue, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Cognitive Blockchain Capital