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USDC Transaction Growth on Algo

It's nice to see more USDC transfers popping up occasionally in the "Latest Transactions" on Algo Explorer []( . Currently at the time of this writing there has been 41,797 USDC transfers on the block chain dating back 166 days ago. Roughly a quarter of that total have been made in the past week. It seems to be steadily growing, just one more good sign for the continued real world adaptation of Algorand. You can see all USDC transactions on the Algo blockchain right here []( That being said it does appear that a large number of these transactions are between a small number of wallets, often including the "Creator/Reserve Address." Even so, it's always good to see more transactions on the chain. Especially ones that aren't Props or Planets, not that they aren't great too. Here's to more USDC growth!!!
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