Travelx NFT airline tickets

self.AlgorandOfficial1m ago
Just saw this on twitter, interesting real NFT use case. NFTs tied to an airline ticket from Miami to Madrid. ​ From their website: The NFTicket is the perfect fusion of Art, Travel & Technology. An NFTicket is a non-fungible token ticket that handles every travel record as an NFT. The NFT is tied to the blockchain which gives security, authenticity, and immutability to the ticket and the possibility of trading and managing it as a “tokenized” asset for owners. Each NFTicket will be designed by a renowned artist, infusing meaning and art into what was once a simple flight ticket. Like baseball cards, those NFTickets are rare and valuable all by themselves and more importantly, can be traded. All “trades” or transactions are recorded, safely and securely on the blockchain. When the owner is ready, they can present the NFT and a matching ticket is issued in the traditional way. Each NFTicket contains an amazing piece of art, the flight ticket access for a trip from Madrid to Miami in an exclusive Air Europa business class and the key to unlocking the access to a series of unique and exclusive events during MIAMI ART WEEK for its owners. Links:\_\_/status/1513964702233149445?s=20&t=OiwqdhyF6wJnNaUjuMx4dg [](