This week in Algorand Gaming (May 25, 2022)

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This week in Algorand Gaming (May 25, 2022)

The AGG team took a bit of a break this week and so much happened while we were gone! In this jam packed edition we have a exclusive announcement about a new PHX game (details released here first!), another new game SK8, Alchemon achieves a huge sale milestone, Cosmic Champs provides their May update, Fracctal Monsters holds their first community test event, Shosha releases their MVP to everyone and much more!

Guild Update

As this week, we at AGG are going to start looking through our NFT artist and community manager applications, if you haven’t entered as yet, please dm us before the end of the week. We have received quite a few applications but want to make sure we allow enough time for everyone interested to apply. Check out our twitter post before for further details.

Exclusive New Game Announcement: AlgoVale!

We have the pleasure of announcing a brand new project from Collect PHX called AlgoVale (previously teased as project AV) — coming June 2022!

AlgoVale is an evolution of the AlgoMiners game that has been part of the PHX server for close to a year now, expanding and building upon the base of AlgoMiners to include new elements like farming and fishing, with new ways to win NFTs as well!

The gameplay is fairly simple, interact with the Discord bot to claim gems from mining which can then be sold for Vale Bucks (V$). These can then be used to buy additional items and upgrades within the game, along with the ability to convert V$ into the new PHX Credits asset which is used in the “Bears, Bulls & Whales” game which also takes place on the server.

Phase 1 of the AlgoVale rollout will be the main migration of assets and tweaks of the old AlgoMiners gameplay, with Phase 2 including the farming aspects following closely behind.

Phase 3 and 4 will start to expand further upon the farming gameplay elements along with introducing fishing into the mix.

From there on out, there will be continued expansion and growth of the game to include new things to do to keep the game evolving.

Existing AlgoMiners players who hold a pickaxe of any variety will automatically have access to the beta which launches imminently and will be granted a commemorative “Founders” NFT which will give them access to some bonuses for being there since the beginning. New players can sign up for access to the game which will launch officially in June.

If you are not already part of the PHX server, you can join today at the below link and check out some of the other amazing projects available on the server like United States of Algorand, Lil Slashers, DT70’s Dice Games, PHX Bingo, GoDrones & Grocery Store Game

PHX Discord: Discord Link

AlgoVale Roadmap: Roadmap Link


This week the SK8 project officially started to gain exposure in the Algorand community. We have been in talks with the creator since the beginning and we are super excited for this one! Think Discord game meets skateboarding and you should get the gist of it! We were given two whitelist minting spots to give away to our amazing community and we also have our first collab NFT with this project — more details on this will be released soon. Check out their skateboard NFTs out and jump into their Discord!


Everyone knows that Alchemon is currently one of the more progressed and successful games on the Algorand blockchain, even though everything is still very early for them since they are only in beta. This feeling was confirmed this week with the huge sale of a set 1 legendary NFT for a whopping 10K $algo! Congrats to both the seller and the buyer! If you are looking to get your hands on an Alchemon, the set 5 instant shuffles are planned for the next two days (May 26th & 27th).

Cosmic Champs

The Cosmic Champs team continued to make some great moves this week and they covered their latest updates in their May community update. We won’t spoil a lot of the detail but as summarized in the tweet below, it covers new staking pools, a CoinMarketCap listing of their token and some new NFT concept art designs that can be voted on.

Fracctal Monsters

The Fracctal Monsters team held their first Community TestNet Event this week and we are so sad that we unfortunately had to miss it. Testers got to try out their shuffle system and got a look at some of the great looking Monsters! The team’s next event is going to be a White Hat (Hacker) Event with large rewards for those that are able to find ways to exploit their system.


Up until now, you could only play the Shosha MVP if you signed an NDA. This week that all changed with the MVP now being opened up to everyone! This is your perfect chance to try out their first person shooter for yourself so get involved!

Arcadian Tales

The Arcadian Tales NFT art has always been one of our favorites in the Algorand Gaming ecosystem. They always look clean and have so much personality. This week, two new protagonists were released, Tanuki and Hume, don’t they look amazing? These represent the last of the 12 races of Arcadia which is an exciting milestone for the game!


As we have covered over the last few weeks, the team over at NexusASA has been showing off their development around their smart contract. This week was no different with a look at their new UI design and damn does it look clean!


NRPG just a few weeks back released the full version of their first RPG game to the masses and it was fun to say the least. For those RPG fans in the Algorand community, they dropped incredible news that their next RPG “Shards of Eternity” has a goal of June 3rd for release! The below tweet provides a synapse of this new story and wow!

Garuda Co.

Garuda’s new event “Doombringers” is coming this Friday and it comes with a set of 1/1 chromatic NFT linked to the lore of the project. You can see it below and it looks pretty sweet. We would never say no to more dinosaurs!!


AlgOcean announced their Batch 2.0 event this week. This event includes some great opportunities to win prizes and contribute to ocean conservation. Some of the highlights of the event include 100 ocean creature NFTs, a giveaway of 20 fishing tickets to 30 people, giveaways of Algobro 2.0 NFTs and the debut of their AlgOcean Sharks. The AlgOcean shark sales will have 10% of proceeds going directly to support Shark-conservation related partnerships.


One of our founders, Arg0n, is a huge poker fan and this poker sneak peek from AlgorandCasino looks very classy and clean. We personally can’t wait to see more and try it out for ourselves.


The development team over at zCircuit has always been great at updating us on their processes and progress as their project has advanced. Their weekly PitStop article is great and this week’s edition is fresh and a bit different. The team gave some background on 5 projects they have either completed or are still working on which they plan to make completely open source in the future. We are huge supporters of open source software as it has so many benefits for the community and also builds an increased level of trust. Some highlights of a few of these projects include an escrow to lock algos for a period of time and a vesting contract to continuously release funds, linearly, over a period of time.


It was once again a favorite time for many gamers with the release of more lore from the Trantorian team. This release represented chapter 6 and we urge all of you to give it a read, it’s honestly impressive! This chapter covered the building of a city with different cultures and organisms!

Degen Heroes

This Friday, Degen Heroes will be holding their instant shuffle of their Hero G2 so if you are an experienced Degen Hero or a budding one, get in on their shuffle!


Poker and more Poker, we love it! This Sunday, Metapunks will be hosting their first Algofam Poker Tournament which is in collaboration with one of the shining NFT projects on Algorand, TigerChi and a newcomer from Terra called Poppin Puffins. It’s amazing to see a collaboration between gaming and NFT projects, as well as the Algorand community being so welcoming to Poppin Puffins!