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In this weekly roundup, Project Aegir users start to talk scholarships, Alchemon releases a blockchain teaching course, Algo Leagues holds their official launch to a roaring success and Zone completes their Algorand based IDO.

Project Aegir

At this point, if you have not heard of Project Aegir, you have most likely been living under a rock. It is a CCG game currently in development and over the last while the team has been releasing incredible looking NFTs each week which will be usable as legends in their game. The team includes folks with very high level Hearthstone experience and as such we feel there is a lot to get excited about!

In the last week, the Project Aegir team has released their latest legend, Yara, who is a Sage class legend and as is the case every week, the art is incredible! Their shuffle winners were announced already but definitely don’t miss out on getting one of these on secondary.

Another exciting update for this project is a new channel within their discord server specifically to help promote scholarships. Currently, holders of Aegir legends are able to take up arms and fight the bosses in their discord game, these fights earning users Dungeon Gold (dAGR). At the time of writing this newsletter, the floor on legends is 100A so a channel to support renting these to users and the sharing of earnings, is super useful in our books.


Achemon is probably the most popular Algorand based game in development at the moment. It is described on their website as “the first monster-collecting NFT staking, crafting and trading card game only on the Algorand Blockchain!”. Over the last while, the team over there has been releasing some pretty great looking NFTs which will be usable in their game once it is fully released (They have also released a beta which can be signed up for on their website

This week the team released some great free educational videos covering everything Algorand and cryptocurrency which is honestly a must see if you are a cyrpto newbie or even an experienced ape! You can even get a free Alchemon NFT for completing it!


Last but not least for this week, ZONE by XTZ! ZONE is the “first gamefi ecosystem on Algorand with on-chain game challenges, yield farming & NFTs creating a free-to-play & play-to-earn ecosystem.” Sounds interesting, doesn’t it?!? Well everyone who took part in their IDO on Jan 20th definitely thought so. Their IDO was a major success selling out in less than a minute and that’s with a hard cap of $300,000!!! This is definitely a great sign for future gaming projects in our ecosystem.

We are looking forward to what’s to come from this great project and you can find out lots more at their website:

Other notable updates

AlgoSprite: This week AlgoSprite completed another successful shuffle for their NFTs used in their discord game. This is a pretty impressive one with skills, leveling, experience and HP. GoDrones: GoDrones is running another competition with their incredible discord drone game. Each week they have some amazing NFTs up for grabs and their game is super addictive! Fracctal Monsters: The team from Fracctal Monsters gave away a Pixelguy NFT (A blue chip NFT given away!!) and also launched their discord server this week. They have been sharing teaser pics and videos on their discord and things are looking great!

Upcoming events

We are working to organize a twitter space for Algorand Gaming in the next few weeks.


Thank you for joining our first weekly update on all things Algorand gaming! If you are a gamer and are as excited as we are for this space, keep a look out for these updates each week. If you are developing a game and have news you want to break or share in our newsletter, please reach out on our twitter or discord!