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The seed for randomness...

Love watching Silvio Micali talk about the maths behind Algorand. Everytime, I buy more Algo lol. Stop it! 馃槄 BUT: and this may be a stupid question... He often mentions the fact that 300 truly random numbers can be used to generate an effectively infinite ammount of random numbers as long as the original 300 numbers are secret. And he mentions that as the basis of security in Algorand... So my question is: does he know the original 300 numbers used as the seed of Algorand's randomness? Does anyone? Are they recorded anywhere?... 馃
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We just added $ALGO, $MATIC & $BAT 馃コDon't worry, we hear you loud and clear. There's more crypto to come 馃槈鈥 eToro (@eToro) June 21, 2021