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Tether Concerns and How Closely is Algorand Working with the “Stable Coin”?

Does anybody know how far the relationship goes between Tether and Algorand? Are they just using the blockchain? Is Algorand working on a deeper level with Tether? Possible collaborations or promotions? So far my research has led me to believe Tether is just running some of their coins on Algorand for its superior technology. I am not aware how deep this relation goes. Can anybody elaborate? I love Algorand and the term FUD needs to be discontinued as it cuts off any discussion that makes people uncomfortable on their emotionally invested portfolio. I am a long term holder myself, past 2030 ATLEAST. These conversations are healthy to have to further understand our investment and possible risks ahead. For the people who will defend Tether, I cannot change your mind as the facts and blatant dodgy activity is not enough to bust you out of the matrix you are in.
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