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Tax question: Algorand and german law

Are the participation rewards defined as staking? I mean, by using the official wallet there is no chance to prevent the rewards income. There is no active delegation or similar by the holder to get them. Different to other crytos like Cardano. The situation differs with the upcoming governance program. To participate, you have to block your Algos. An active action by the holder. In my point of view the definition of staking. Background: At the moment in Germany, earnings of crypto assets are tax free after one year of holding. But if the holder gets income because of staking, this period extents to 10 years, which is quite long. Now I'm in front of the decision whether I should join the governance or not. Maybe some ppl from Germany has experience how the tax authority is handling the current participation rewards. Maybe it would be better to buy another nice bunch of Algo and not to join the gov. Just to get it tax free after one year. Could be worth it in the end...
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