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SUGGESTION: Add Timezone to Governance Countdown Timer

There's a helpful governance countdown timer on the official governance page: []( Could a time zone (EST? UTC?) be added so potential governors or those wanting to add to their wallets will know what time they have left. (FYI - if you add new deposits even if you already connected your wallet and became a governor, they need to be delegated if that's your intent.)
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$Algo is different. It has infinite use cases and solves the trilemma. At Decipher people will get a full briefing on what the future holds and why @Algorand will be such a big part of it. @stevekokin...
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Zipmex - lock ZMT in ZLaunch to earn YLDY (ERC-20)

ZLaunch is live!We鈥檙e excited to announce the first project to be featured on ZLaunch is Yieldly (YLDY)馃Ι鉁⊿tart locking ZMT in ZLaunch now to earn YLDY, the first project to be featured on ZLaunch! 馃憠...