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State Proofs Roadmap

One of the mods has explained State Proofs very well and I am honestly excited about this beast of a feature: [\_trustasaservice\_and\_state\_proofs/]( Are there more official information or roadmap regarding State Proofs to be shared? For me it sounds like once State Proofs is completed, Algorand will be on a whole new level compared to other blockchains. My interpertation of State Proof is that Algo will be travelling multichain and other chain can enter Algorand chain freely by wrapping their token into Algorand. Which sounds like the first atomic weapon has been made and other blockchain will look up to this. Am I being overhyped or is this really the most perfect solution yet that in a blockchain to create interopability?
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Pls vote and help me choose a name

So I'm building a series of abstract artisan short films to be released with some crazy NFT art on Algorand as part of building hype and following …