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Say Algo moons and sits at $1,000 or more per Algo, does transaction cost scale?

Curious if it’s stated anywhere what happens to transaction cost if Algo moons to $1,000 or $10,000 per Algo. Would it really be $1 or $10 per transaction respectively? Would the network be to costly for new participant entry at that price? Does it scale? I know how unrealistic this is at present, it’s just a question regarding transaction cost. Evem though the cost is nowhere near that of Eth’s, it seem’s relevant.
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wAlgo will go live on October 26th

"Patience is a virtue." And thank you all for patiently waiting 💙💛 We took our time to make sure wALGO was perfect for all of you. And now it is finally ready and will go live on 10/26. So get ready...
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Algofi V2 on Testnet

We're delighted to reveal our @algofi V2 app, running on the @Algorand Testnet.Come give it a whirl: Full patch notes on our subreddit, r/algofi. ⬇️$ALGO $BANK #Algorand #DeFi...