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Running a Relay with online Algorand

[Hypernet labs]( Have a feature to run an Algorand relay node for anyone. I have been trying to get it to work and did today [Hypernet labs]( This is my relay [Running relay]( It is on the internet at A participation node can be connected to it on port 4161 I put online algorand from my vanity address. Use "goal node start -p" to connect to my relay since it wont be in the SRV The service cost $500 dollars a week roughly. I am going to keep it online for any OG Nodlers to online their algos for 1 week. Who knows I might get a reward if I add a block! [EVILLAUGH]( Next question this begs is do we governors really need 10+ 3 month periods of governance increasing difficulty if we can run our own relays and participation nodes now and online the algorand to make the concensus strong! We can take over if we move our algos to participate on relay nodes we run. Get more than 1/3 the algos and we can do a take over attack and the protocol is ours. We just need to be able to fund the relays, so participate on our relays to give the rewards to us governors! I am only half joking about taking over. We need to spread the knowledge and also create a diverse group of relay runners, not just on one platform etc. We have work to do but if I can do this I think we can run this blockchain.
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wAlgo will go live on October 26th

"Patience is a virtue." And thank you all for patiently waiting 💙💛 We took our time to make sure wALGO was perfect for all of you. And now it is finally ready and will go live on 10/26. So get ready...
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Algofi V2 on Testnet

We're delighted to reveal our @algofi V2 app, running on the @Algorand Testnet.Come give it a whirl: Full patch notes on our subreddit, r/algofi. ⬇️$ALGO $BANK #Algorand #DeFi...