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Running a node? Check your sync time.

TLDR; node status watch sync time should be 0.0s I set up to run a non-archival participation node a few weeks back, maybe 17 days ago. I have some background in coding, but am still very much a beginner. After downloading and installing, it was cool to see the network operating on my system. I read through the code, then minimized it and left it in the background to do its thing. Fast forward to today, 17ish days later and I noticed the sync time still running upwards (9xxxxxxx.xs) - it seemed to have even cycled once through a timeout and started over. The sync time indicates how long it has been since your system was in sync with the Algorand mainnet. In good operating status this number should read 0.0s After starting, the node needs to copy all of the information from the blockchain to retain a copy to present to the network when necessary. More accurately its a screenshot of the blockchain unless you are running archival, which is an actual copy of all of the information requiring larger storage. At this point the network is big enough that if you leave your node to copy from square one it will take a long, long time - at least 17 days. Algorand has great instructions for using a single command line argument to catch the network up called fast catchup --- []( After running fast catchup I was in sync with the network in less than 10 minutes. As an aspiring Algorand developer with such little experience, it is nice to see they make the process incredibly easy. Anyway, half sharing experience and half talking myself through it.
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