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Quantum computers and the security of the blockchain

So, recently i found [this]( article from Deloitte where you can read: "Quantum computers are posing a serious challenge to the security of the Bitcoin blockchain. Presently, about 25% of the Bitcoins in circulation are vulnerable to a quantum attack. If you have Bitcoins in a vulnerable address and believe that progress in quantum computing is more advanced than publicly known, then you should probably transfer your coins to a new p2pkh address (...) **Even if everyone takes the same protection measures, quantum computers might eventually become so fast that they will undermine the Bitcoin transaction process**. **In this case the security of the Bitcoin blockchain will be fundamentally broken**. The only solution in this case is to transition to a new type of cryptography called ‘post-quantum cryptography’, which is considered to be inherently resistant to quantum attacks. These types of algorithms present other challenges to the usability of blockchains and are being investigated by cryptographers around the world. We anticipate that future research into post-quantum cryptography will eventually bring the necessary change to build robust and future-proof blockchain applications." Since i'm new in the crypto area, i was not aware of this issue. What is your opinion about this? And what does this mean to the Algorand blockchain (or any current blockchain i guess)? Can it be improved to a ‘post-quantum cryptography’ or will it just become useless? Thanks in advance!
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