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People really need to realize, this isn't like Ethereum or Bitcoin.

Ethereum has been a giant scam to prop up...Ethereum. Ethereum's greatest value over 8 years, has been the value of Ethereum, as it hitched a ride to Bitcoin's rocket, and dangled BS a Google news search on Eth and what do you see...stories about the VALUE of Eth, and the staking of Eth 2.0. Not actually anything about real world impacts of Eth, because they are minimal, because Eth is broken. Algo is not like this. It's not a store of value. Or a prop of false claims. It's a token of UTILITY. Right now there are a lot of tokens without a lot of UTILITY. This is the key point people overlook in the tokenomics....burn this into your minds... everything is a race and battle between utility and inflation. particularly early on. the diffusion (dilution) of tokens early in the system means nothing in the long run because utility catches up to inflation over a decade horizon, ie Algo becomes the leader in trillion dollar financial services. THEN the situation becomes one of token SCARCITY vs utility. That's why loading up on the dips is so important. Large token injections are a near to medium term trojan horse. The way the tokenomics work is, after highs, new token rewards are accelerated into the system, keeping price down in short term. This is the ultimate CUE to HIT THE DIP. Once the accelerated injection is over, the downward pressure slows and the diffusion pace goes back to normal. Early on this will be important in moderating the price. But it gradually eases over the years. So it's vital you keep an eye out and hit the motherfckin dips. Any non-news based downward pressure after large rises, is a giant flaming signal early to hit the dip. Algorand has the upper-stratosphere technology, connections and trust to be the giant for DeFi blockchain and lord knows what else. We see new Green Tech on Algo blockchain, consumer, government, etc etc. The real-world potential is vast and growing. But it takes time to truly flip the switch.
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