Opulous announces partnership with XP.Network: Artwork holders will be able to bridge their ASA NFTs and trade on other marketplaces such as OpenSea and Rarible

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XP.NETWORK is excited to announce Opulous as the latest artist-centered NFT platform utilizing the NFT bridge, widening the market reach for music creators and investors alike.

About Opulous

OPULOUS is a platform created by the Ditto music distribution company. The platform utilizes blockchain technology to provide music artists with tools to take back control over their careers. Among its dApps and other solutions, the OPULOUS ecosystem offers musicians an unseen before decentralized funding and distribution option for their work without the need for traditional institutions such as banks. Music consumers, on the other hand, are about to discover a whole new way to interact with the artists and their music.


XP.NETWORK is setting its focus on turning the NFT world into an easy and accessible environment available to anyone. As part of this vision, the part artists play in the NFT market is crucial to its growth. To accommodate this process, XP.NETWORK has developed the NFT bridge — A unique cross-chain solution that enables digital assets to move seamlessly between any desired blockchains. A concept that until recently was known as a major obstacle between artists and the NFT market.

About the partnership

By utilizing XP.NETWORKs NFT bridge, OPULOUS provides musicians and consumers the necessary market reach and asset mobility. Artists are the backbone of the current NFT market. Their accessibility and lucrativeness are crucial for the growth of the entire blockchain ecosystem. XP.NETWORK embraces this excellent opportunity to become a part of a project that promotes this way of thinking. May this utilization manifest a new reality for the music world.

“Digital art, to all of its forms, kinds, and genres, is what paves the path to the adoption of decentralized technology into the mainstream. With this utilization, artists can do their part in leading us into this revolution.” — Nir Blumberger. XP.NETWORK CEO

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