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Newbie question about ALGO

Hey there you beautiful community! I hope I wont get downvoted to hell, since I feel like everyone in this community is in love with ALGO and its potential and I feel like I shouldn't ask about algo potential price and it makes me feel greedy. Never the less - as I am a newbie and in the crypto for barely 2 months - I don't know (yet) how to tell how high a price of a coin can get. I know it involves market cap and so on, but I don't have enough knowledge to calculate it myself. And yet I just couldn't resist stacking and staking ALGO because even if my knowledge is poor, I couldn't stop myself from the feels that this coin is giving me, and it feels good. I know it might take a while - but how high can ALGO reach within few years? Is it possible to be higher than 10, or the marketcap and so on wont allow it? (Assuming it will truly succeed) Sorry if I crossed a line, or just being extrememly ignorant. Thank you!
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