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Minting large number of unique ASAs

Let’s say I have 1,000 unique ASAs I’m trying to mint as NFTs. Each with its own distinct asset and unit name, url, metadata hash, etc. Is there a platform in the Algo ecosystem that would allow you to provide all those parameters for each ASA and easily mint them all automatically? I’ve used AB2 once before and from what I recall, each Individual NFT had to be created one by one. I’ve never used Rand before so I wasn’t sure if they had the capacity to do something like this? Anyway, I ask because I’m developing an application that can do just this. You provide all of the unique parameters for the ASAs in a single csv file. The app will read that data, mint the ASA, and can automatically transfer the ASA to another wallet after creation. Does anyone know if something like this already exists? This is the first app I’ve ever developed on the Algo blockchain and I wasn’t sure if a market for something like this exists. Thanks!
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wAlgo will go live on October 26th

"Patience is a virtue." And thank you all for patiently waiting 💙💛 We took our time to make sure wALGO was perfect for all of you. And now it is finally ready and will go live on 10/26. So get ready...
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Algofi V2 on Testnet

We're delighted to reveal our @algofi V2 app, running on the @Algorand Testnet.Come give it a whirl: Full patch notes on our subreddit, r/algofi. ⬇️$ALGO $BANK #Algorand #DeFi...