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ICYMI: Algomint - Bridge ETH or BTC and earn tons of Algos

Million-ALGO Community Incentive Plan: A Holiday Gift From Algomint

Algomint is excited to release our incentive plan as a part of the Aeneas Liquidity Program by Algorand Foundation.

1,000,000 ALGO awaits to be taken home by early community members that bridge their BTC, ETH and other soon-to-be-released assets to Algorand via Algomint!

The rewards to be distributed will depend on the Total Value Bridged (TVB), the more that is bridged the greater the rewards pool for everyone! If you bridge from the time Algomint launched until the end of February 2022 you will be eligible for the rewards distribution. Which could be up to 1,000,000 ALGO!

Rewards Pool

For example: 110 users bridge BTC and 90 bridge ETH. TVB = $15,000,000 Rewards = 200,000 ALGO ALGOper eligible user = 1,000 ALGO! Regardless of the amount you bridged.

What does it mean?

● The higher the overall liquidity bridged, the bigger the reward bag for all!

● Everyone who bridges receives equal rewards, we really want to see as many people as possible entering the Algorand ecosystem. As you can see, we are encouraging decentralization with serious commitment.

● But what if you have lots and lots of assets to bridge? Not to worry! Your playground is Tinyman and AlgoFi, both will have their own incentive programs too. So once bridged you will be able to put your Algomint assets to work to earn even more rewards!

● Those who are planning to bridge large amounts of BTC and ETH please go to and fill in the support form for assistance, as we do have an operational process to support you!

Please note:

● Unlocking (burning your go assets to retrieve the original BTC or ETH) before the date of this announcement will not be penalised, which means you will still be eligible for the reward if you have bridged assets early. But if you unlock from the date of this announcement you will no longer be eligible. But you can...

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