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Mass adoption

I am happy to report that the "mass adoption" of crypto that we are all waiting for has happened. As I visited my parents house this morning my 64 year old mother proudly, albeit awkwardly, exclaimed: "I bought some crypto!" I will have you know that I have never discussed crypto with her. Apparently the venmo app made it just simple enough for her to invest her first 20 bucks. She now owns some bitcoin dust, some Eth, some litecoin, and some bitcoin cash......which means that despite her noob status she may be more diversified than me. Now excuse me while I lopside my portfolio a bit more towards ALGO.
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Design a meme and receive 25 Algos!

## Overview * **Short Description**: Design a meme of your choice that depicts a notable characteristic of Algorand. * **Bounty**: 25 ALGO tokens _(US residents will receive USDCa and have to opt-i鈥
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Vitalik has some nice words on Algorand on Twitter.

@VitalikButerin鈥檚 opinion on @Algorand! It was an honour to ask @VitalikButerin a few questions today at the @CogX_Festival! #CogX2021#Algorand #ethereum #ETH #ALGO $ALGO $ETH @father_algo pic.twitter...