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Love the Community Here!

Im currently newer to Crypto! However Algorand has been the best option for me! Compared to other coins it would take sometimes over $10 of ethereum to get from one wallet to the next. I transferred 1k Algo from Coinbase to the Algo wallet and it only cost .02 Algo!!! (Quickly made that back in interest). I really like where all this is going!
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Recent news
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Algorand - Partnerships Coming Thick & Fast

Algorand - Partnerships Coming Thick & Fast It only seems like yesterday we wrote our last news article on Algorand. The fact they're moving so quickly has led us back to the notepad. It doesn't
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New news outlet

An online hub for news about the Algorand blockchain, and all things Algo.
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Another stable coin added

Another #stablecoin coming to Algorand! Excited to be part of the @opendaoprotocol #DeFi community:— Algorand (@Algorand) February 24, 2021
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Stablecorp Hopium

Canadian bank VersaBank has launched a stablecoin called VCAD that it plans for use in commerce.
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ALGO conspiracy theory (full of hopium)

$ALGO conspiracy theory #2: In this video there's a cut at 56:25 when COO is talking about development of regulated assets and stablecoins on Algorand.Says "we're seeing a massive uptick across..."The...