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Long Term Dynamics schedule has us already at the end of year 2022

So the Long Term Dynamics model (the supply release of Algo) was to be 5,000,000,000 at the END of 2022. As I write this, Algo supply released is 5,228,000,000. We are 21 months ahead of schedule! This is why we are seeing the increases and it’s very likely ALGORAND are increasing supply to keep the price as low as they can (with still some increase for holders). If they were keeping to schedule, then the price perhaps would be at $5+ already. By the way, everything I wrote above is Bullish sentiment on the project (how well the team runs the project) and how advanced it is already. Of course it is affected by Bitcoin movement (every single crypto will forever be), but Algo is starting to actually have its own standalone chart, which, again, is very bullish.
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Good news :)

Algorand is teaming up with ClimateTrade to tackle carbon emissions.
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Algorand is Carbon Negative

On Earth Day 2021, the Algorand ecosystem is committing to reducing its environmental impact and providing a sustainable blockchain platform. To help achieve this, we are committing to Algorand being ...
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Staking In ALGO Will Go Away

But will be replaced with a different program, called the Governance Rewards, pending approval.  ALGO holders are most likely staking their ALGO in ALGO wallet or some other wallet and earning about 6...