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Introducing Algo Cleanup

TLDR: Algo Cleanup is a grassroots project to help with Algorand’s marketing. By being a resource to make cleaning up garbage simple and habitual, Algo Cleanup aims to foster opportunities to introduce Alrogrand organically to members of your community by sharing its amazing tech and commitment to the environment. []( I fell hard for Algo. I'm continually blown away by the amazing tech, the professionalism of the Algorand team/foundation, and the maturity of this community. I want to contribute to this blockchain in any way I can. The two criticisms of Algorand I've come across are its tokenconomics and its marketing. I actually disagree with both of these criticisms. But I felt I was best suited to support their marketing efforts and that's why I created Algo Cleanup. Algo Cleanup aims to accomplish 3 goals: 1. Create an engaged community of people routinely cleaning up garbage. 2. Organically Introduce people to Algorand and its ecosystem, from AlgoExplorer to NFTs. 3. Create a positive and clear connection between the Algorand blockchain and environmentally conscious and energy efficient crypto. I noticed the average person doesn't really care about blockchains and surely doesn't care about the differences in blockchain technology. That's why I wanted to focus on a relatable goal; cleaning up garbage and use this goal as an accessible and organic way of showcasing Algorand’s amazing ecosystem. Since starting this project I've met more of my neighbors and been able to discuss blockchains in a more approachable/natural way. I usually just share that I’m picking up garbage with a project called Algo Cleanup and if they are looking to get involved they should visit the site. I truly believe in “Do Your Own Research” and this project is meant to be a great way to cleanup your community and introduce others to the idea of Algorand. There are so many ways to participate with this project from picking up trash, sharing...
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