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I'm Thankful for Algorand and You

First, let me say that I'm writing this from New Orleans LA, and as best I can tell, there's limited knowledge about Blockchain and Crypto here in the Crescent City. My knowledge is limited as well. About 3 months ago, I dedicated myself to a better understanding of this ecosystem. I was already fed up with Eth and gas costs similar to driving a muscle car with a hole in the fuel tank. On top of that, there was more than a handful of times where I thought that I was executing a transaction, didn't have enough to cover the gas and the platform still took my gas money anyway, with nothing to show for my ignorance. Did anything like that happen to you? Spitting into the wind gets old. And I've been in this space long enough that I first bought BTC at There was still a lot that bothered me. I was having a hard time envisioning any sort of critical mass of the unbanked using Dapps to become banked. Transparency? What are the fees? Well, it depends. Friction? Tons! Gas ain't cheap. And a lot of gas was quoted and not spent. The gas was more expensive than the coins sometimes. Summer of 2021 and I'd committed to educating myself realizing that I should get out or really commit. One tool I employed was Google podcasts. In one episode of the "Bad Crypto" Podcast, the hosts made mention of Algorand blockchain and briefly sang some praise. I noted that and in about a month, started the process that brings me here today. It's shocking how little I know about blockchain. I thirst for knowledge though and know enough to understand that chasing potential moonshots all over Kingdom Come was not the optimal strategy. Learning, understanding, community and emotional intelligence would be important. Understand something. There is one Blockchain that's the best. There's another that's the worst. All the other blockchains are in the middle. That's indisputable. I don't know that being dogmatic about it is useful. Here's what is fascinating to me though. If I wa...
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