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How to incorporate algo payment into a shop?

Might be a silly question but here goes, say I have a business where I hire employees to look after the registry. How do I set up to take algorand payment? Conversions rates aside, I understand you can make QR codes for them to scan and transfer. But what if I don't want to leave my wallet open, and having them ppen it everytime just to check whether it has gone thru, and how will they know which ones which, as I don't think algo supports adding memos to transactions? Sorry for throwing out random questions. I think one way go go about is to create a wallet where you'd need like extra authentication to transfer, but you'd still have to open it everytime to verify. Wouldn't it be great if we have just a platform that easily displays inward transactions? I'm pretty sure someone's in the community is working on projects to achieve this, and I'm am excited to see hopefully one day a mass adoption of algo
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