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Hello world, meet Prismatic!

Hello world, meet Prismatic!

Investing for everyone.

Investing is hard enough without the odds stacked against you.

The dazzling speed of innovation in decentralized finance (DeFi) has taken the crypto world by storm, and for the first time we have an alternative to investing platforms that either exclude retail investors or downright take advantage of them. While the technology is disruptive beyond measure, accessibility to even tech-savvy users remains a challenge due to the industry-specific jargon and suboptimal user experience of early protocols.

Prismatic will combine the incredible benefits of DeFi with an elegant, user-friendly interface to remove complexity and deliver access to competitive and professional asset management strategies for everyone. We are building the Web3 future of asset management that embraces simplicity, accessibility, and fairness for both asset managers and investors like yourself.

Why invest on Prismatic?

Prismatic brings the benefits of active management typically reserved for high net-worth individuals and institutions to everyone. Prismatic levels the playing field, providing access to actively-managed crypto exposure at deposit sizes that fit your comfort level while removing the need to stay on top of the latest developments in the space.

User-Centric “While PFOF [Payment For Order Flow] is legal, we have long wondered how it possibly could be. How can a broker, charged with the duty of getting its clients the best available prices, possibly do so by selling that client’s orders to amazingly sophisticated HFT firms, who in turn will make billions of dollars trading against these orders?” — Sal Arnuk, co-founder Themis Trading

Unlike deceptive “commission-free” investing applications and other services that sell user trading data to third parties, Prismatic is user-centric and offers low costs and transparency without a catch.


Prismatic is a decentralized ass...

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