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Having Algo in a coinbase wallet gives less rewards than the official wallet

There is a lot of confusion about the reward rate at coinbase, at it's completely intentional on their part. They make it difficult and confusing to see what you are actually getting. If you don't think it's confusing (especially if you incorrectly think coinbase gives more rewards), you are just dunning-krugering yourself. For some reason there is also a lot emotion and frankly vitriol around this for some reason, so I decided to figure it out. It's straight forward enough (once you deal with coinbase being purposely confusing). I set up a new coinbase account, a new official wallet, and put an Algo in each. The headline is that after two and a half days after two reward deposits in coinbase I ended up with [1.000317 Algo]( in coinbase, and [1.000392 Algo]( (adjusted down) in the official wallet So with some conservative estimates in coinbases favor you only get 317/392 =~ 80% of the rewards on coinbase. Given how they confuse things it's actually a little less, so somewhere between the 75% in the user agreement and 80%. So why is it confusing? .1. Coinbase tells you a lifetime rewards that includes an estimated rewards that is incorrect There is a little algorand rewards box that has a ticking increasing reward, however when you look at it it includes an estimated pending reward. Then you get an actual deposit that is less than the estimate is. In the final coinbase snapshot there are two rewards deposits, [0.000157 on May 27th]( and then [0.00016 on May 28th]( The morning of the 28th before the second deposit at 9:35 the [estimated rewards pending was already 0.000236]( So coinbase actually tells you you have more rewards than you have. Confusing. .2. Coinbase makes rewards deposits at random times They could make a deposit at the same time, every 24 hours, which would make it m...
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