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Guys I don't want to shill any projects her for my personal gain but I have to just tell you how awesome the Algo community is!

So I wanted to try the Yieldly DeFi platform since its the first on Algorand. Since you can't buy their token on the ALGO chain yet but only get it by staking ALGO, I decided to buy it on Uniswap and use the Yieldly bridge to bring it over to here to stake it too. I messed up and basically lost my funds in the bridge because I'm an idiot. But I texted the Yieldly support team and within 24h they recovered all my funds. I feel like the even took care of the ALGO fees I would've had to pay (I know those are tiny, but still a nice thing to do). I guess I just wanted to say that with a lot of other DeFi products on other chains I would've had no chance to get my tokens back but those guys were so quick and friendly. You gotta just love the ALGO community!! oops might have turned out to be a shill post... my bad
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