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Governance Rewards

I keep seeing a lot of posts and comments regarding “everyone gets the same rewards” if they commit to governance but I simply don’t think that’s true. My understanding is that you receive rewards correlating to the percentage of the ALGO you committed to the “pool.” Please correct me if I’m wrong. For a simple example, if 1,000,000 ALGO are committed, but you committed 10,000, and there’s 50,000 total governors, the 50,000 total governors get the percentage of rewards equal to the percentage that they’ve committed each quarter. 10,000 / 1,000,000 = 1% 70.5M (Option A) = 705,000 ALGO rewards *NOT* 70.5M / total governors = rewards
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wAlgo will go live on October 26th

"Patience is a virtue." And thank you all for patiently waiting 💙💛 We took our time to make sure wALGO was perfect for all of you. And now it is finally ready and will go live on 10/26. So get ready...
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Algofi V2 on Testnet

We're delighted to reveal our @algofi V2 app, running on the @Algorand Testnet.Come give it a whirl: Full patch notes on our subreddit, r/algofi. ⬇️$ALGO $BANK #Algorand #DeFi...