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Drone Racing League CEO and Founder Nicholas Horbaczewski discusses Drone Racing League’s deal with Algorand

Nicholas Horbaczewski, Drone Racing League CEO and Founder, talks new deal with crypto platform Algorand which will include the implentation of blockchain-enabled ticketing.

Video Transcript

- We've seen lately a lot of crypto companies shelling out cash for some sponsorship deals. Mostly, you might have noticed the FTX patches on the MLB umpires and of course, the stadium naming rights they've locked up both down in Miami and now out at Berkeley. But it's not just them. Also, Algorand, another crypto blockchain out there throwing $100 million into the naming rights for the title over at the Drone Racing League, which is by itself been growing quite impressively.

And for more on that partnership, want to bring on Nicholas Horbaczewski, the CEO and founder of the Drone Racing League joins us once again here. And Nicholas, nice product placement right there right behind you, man, the Algorand logo right there. Talk to me about how important this is, right, and kind of bridging not only, you know, $100 million is a lot but also I think a crew in crypto that also seems pretty excited about drone racing.

NICHOLAS HORBACZEWSKI: Absolutely. It's a huge step for the league. Obviously, bringing in a new type of partner is very exciting. Algorand is the leading blockchain technology partner. They've got the scalable, decentralized blockchain that is going to enable the league to do things that we've never done before. So not only is this an incredible partnership for the league, but it's an opportunity for us to create unique fan experiences that we just wouldn't be able to do without a partner like Algorand.

- Yeah. No, I mean, obviously, every time you have that money to put to work, you know, I assume that you'd be able to grow of what you want to do in building out the sport, and obviously, it's come a long way since I think we first started talking about it years ago. But what have been maybe the biggest changes you've been able to imple...

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