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Recent news
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Interview with CEO of Vesta Equity

Today we have a special guest on the channel. Michael Carpentier, CEO of Vesta Equity, joins me today to discuss the power and benefit of tokenizing the hom...
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Vesta Equity - interview

Disrupting the $21Trillion Home Equity Market on @Algorand: An Interview with @vestaequityvpm CEO, @mjcarpentier This was such a great conversation that truly highlighted the benefits of the Algorand...
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Developer Office Hours | WalletConnect

This session covers WalletConnect — a new integration coming to the official Algorand Wallet for dApp developers. Benefits of using the WalletConnect protoco...
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Vendible receive Algorand Foundation Grant Award

Vendible receive Algorand Foundation Grant Award to deliver a solution which includes a set of best practices for managing identity data, the masking of decentralized identities (DIDs), architecture a...