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DeafCoin - Lets break the language barrier.

I would like to open by saying I have no affiliation to DeafCoin other than being a holder of the ASA token. **DeafCoin ($DEAF) (ASA ID #367029007)** **What is DeafCoin?** **"DeafCoin ($DEAF) is a cryptocurrency designed for the Deaf ecosystem. It was minted by the head of the Deafcore team, an awardwinning Deaf educator passionate about Deaf education, language deprivation in deaf children, and economic disparities associated with the D/deaf and hard-of-hearing population.** **As a community asset, DeafCoin introduces the Deaf community to decentralized finance and Algorand. Further, the team behind DeafCoin works to educate the Deaf community on finance, cryptocurrency, and other investments."** **-** [**Whitepaper**]( Nov. 23-24 Airdrop was a [success]( doubling the holdings of over 1800+ wallets. LP holders from the snapshots will have their holdings [tripled]( before the weekend, that's 48 wallets and a total of \~420k DeafCoin rewards. This is where the airdrops (freebies) end and the community and growth begins. (Don't worry though I still do plenty of giveaways from my own personal wallet!!) In the [unofficial discord]( the community is brainstorming ideas to push the growth of the coin. The first initiative is to find incentives/rewards for LP holders. u/TheDeafBison has stopped by and made it clear he wants to hear ideas from the community. They want things to be fair, open minded, and community driven. **I am not here encouraging you to buy. I am here encouraging you to get involved and have your ideas heard.** Let's use blockchain, mobile gaming, and education to bridge the communication gap between between the hearing and the D/deaf &heari...
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