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DDoS attack question

I obviously trust the team, and invested in them with a lot of research... Even the quantum computing solutions down the road. I don't understand them, but if Silvio says he's got solutions, then I trust him. As for the attack on Solana today, how would that have effected algorand? It seemed it exposed Solana as centralized because they were able to shut down their system and restart it. Implying a small group of people have the controls to the whole system. What would happen to my beloved ALGO?
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Liquid adds USDCa on Algorand

Since USDC on Algorand (USDCa) has been built using the ASA standard, it benefits from high speed, micro-fees, immediate t/x finality, and more.
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MEXC Will List Smile Coin (SMILE)

Dear users, MEXC will list Smile Coin (SMILE) in the Innovation Zone and open trading for SMILE/USDT trading pair. The specific timeline...