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Cons of Algorand

We can sit here all day and repeat the same good news over and over. If i was to merge my company with the Algorand blockchain. I would want to hear the cons. We need to check the chain more than we stroke it. Keeps everyone focused on the bigger picture. What are they? Ill go first, i dont like that Algorand mentions a partnership with the Marshall Islands when it seems like its not in operation. Its a blank project from our perspective. Also, the fact that there are a lot of things coming soon. I hate when crypto currencies say things like this since its just a promise, like Tesla promising a car at this set time but oh wait! Now next year, no wait the year after! Ahhhh. Haha Tech wise, i know its great. My main concern from this aspect is NFT creation. It isnt easy to create and share NFTs between wallets. Plus, its really inconvenient to have to open my app to transact. No type of tap pay or debt card? If we have some cool payment method, more ppl will do it, hence, more stores open to the idea of Algorand and see how easy and great it is!
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