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Community input on new Algorand App

Hey all, I have been wanting to give something to the community ever since I joined. I discovered and started learning **Reach**, and finally reached (no pun intended) a level of comfort with it. And with that comfort, I built an application that allows you to trade NFTs -- *no-no-wait-come-back!* The main difference with this application is that the seller can choose to receive payment in **ALGO** *or* any ASA of their choice. **Known issues** Royalty distribution can't be done when a user pays with a custom asset, because * Jerry creates and lists NFT for 5 ALGO or 10 CUSTOMTOKEN * Jerry opts-in to CUSTOMTOKEN before listing, so Jerry can receive it as a payment * Mary buys NFT for 10 CUSTOMTOKEN * Jerry receives 10 CUSTOMTOKEN * Mary lists NFT for 15 OTHERTOKEN * Jerry is not opted into OTHERTOKEN, and doesn't know about the sale * Katy buys NFT from Mary for 15 OTHERTOKEN * Jerry'saccount is not opted-in to OTHERTOKEN, so a royalty transfer would fail ​ **Questions** 1. Would you use it? 2. Aside from earning tokens that can be used to provide liquidity at a DEx, is there any other reason an ASA marketplace like this would have value to you? 3. What features (or application) would you *rather* see (instead of what is described above)? Any other thoughts/comments/suggestions are most welcome; thanks for your time! (Mods please correct flair and/or moderate post as needed)
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