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Collated list of all projects on Algorand

Every day it seems like there are new partnerships, dev kit news, apps in the making etc, but I am struggling to keep up with it all. I follow a number of Algo-related accounts on twitter and it seems to be a constant stream of information. I was wondering if we could perhaps have a stickied thread with a list of all projects that are currently in the works, with links (even if they are just early works in progress)? I've never followed a project that seemed to have so many things happening at once and I'm a little overwhelmed trying to keep up. To prove my point, I saw a post about fractionalised real estate running on Algorand - which I found extremely interesting - but I've already forgotten the URL... Cheers.
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Algorand to be listed on Bitstamp soon!

Exciting to see $ALGO will be listed on @Bitstamp very soon! For more information on the listing and the launch schedule👇— Algorand Foundation (@AlgoFoundation) May 11, 2021
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11 Million Wallets and Counting!

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