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Check out this tokenized real estate site launching on Algorand | LOFTY

I came across this site today. It is called Lofty and it appears to be very new. They allow for the purchase of real estate with a minimum buy in of $50 dollars and it will run on Algorand. They have one house up at the moment and it appears to be their first one. They have already sold 21% of its tokens. I have not invested myself yet so I am not sure how smooth it is but it appears to be very simple, although they do require KYC (which makes sense). They say they use AI to determine the best real estate markets for the best investments and the have their own property management company to deal with the logistics. The site says you would collect rent sent right to your Algo wallet and can sell at any time. []( I think it looks pretty cool! What do you all think? If I buy some token ill let you all know how it goes.
Go to self.AlgorandOfficial
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